Why Exhibit?

The National Landlord Investment Show is the the UK's leading landlord and property investment exhibition and our shows are a beacon for anyone with an interest in buy-to-let or the private rented sector. We provide the prefect platform to bring your product or service to a targeted audience and promote your brand. The National Landlord Investment Show is held in proven UK property hotspots, offering advice and services to property professionals, landlords and investors. We give attendees the opportunity to meet leading suppliers and network to share knowledge with their peers. With 66 shows to date, the events provide a proven face-to-face platform for current and prospective landlords to keep up to date with industry developments and ensure they maximise on their property investments. Visitors to the shows own on average 10-16 properties, and visit each show to learn about the local property market and meet local suppliers and business partners in the areas they plan to invest. With experts and service providers possessing an in-depth knowledge of each property hotspots, Landlord Investment Show is the leading choice for the buy-to-let industry around the UK. Become an exhibitor and showcase your services to the UK’s buy-to-let property hotspots.

Who visits?

National Landlord Investment Show attracts 25,000 visitors yearly. They consist of property professionals, investors and landlords based around the UK. 


As of January 2020 we delivered…


Our exhibitors include:


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Then our dedicated support team are here to assist all year round. If you have an enquiry then please give us a call 020 8656 5075 or use the form below.


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