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Landlord Investor Magazine reaches thousands of landlords, investors and property professionals all over the UK every month. It keeps landlords and investors completely up to date with legislation, gives advice on everyday problems they face and also provides a great source of information on the best areas to invest, for those wishing to widen or even start a property portfolio. Companies that have advertised in LI Magazine include: Barnet Housing, Bollington Insurance, British Gas, Camden Council, Inspired Homes, Less Tax 4 Landlords, LOFT, Mortgages for Business, Nova Financial, Positive Property, RBS Solutions, Shawbrook Bank, Tenant Verify & Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Our contributors have a wealth of experience in the UK and overseas buy-to-let markets and are well known figures  in the industry.

From box adverts to double page spreads and sponsorship there are options to suit a range of budgets and objectives. 


Advertising rates


Run of paper positions

Run of paper positions

Guaranteed positions

Guaranteed positions

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All files must be supplied as high resolution artwork in either PDF or JPEG format at a minimum of 300dpi. PDFs should be supplied without crop marks, but include 3mm bleed and a working CMYK profile. No spot colours please. For files supplied as high-res JPEGs, please ensure they are converted from an RGB to CMYK colourspace prior to supply. In terms of composition we suggest leaving a minimum space of 15mm from the edge of the page and your copy. Edits can not be applied to artwork once supplied, although we do offer creative services for advertising. This is however chargeable, and needs to be briefed well in advance of the required publication date.  

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Ad Deadlines


Publication Date - 8th February
Print Date - 1st February
Ad Deadline - 25th January
Editorial Deadline - 18th January

Publication Date - 15th March
Print Date - 8th March
Ad Deadline - 1st March
Editorial Deadline - 15th February

Publication Date - 12th April
Print Date 5th - April
Ad Deadline - 29th March
Editorial Deadline - 15th March

Publication Date - 10th May
Print Date - 3rd May
Ad Deadline - 26th April
Editorial Deadline - 12th April

Publication Date - 7th June
Print Date - 31st May
Ad Deadline - 24th May
Editorial Deadline - 10th May

Publication Date - 12th July
Print Date - 5th July
Ad Deadline - 28th June
Editorial Deadline - 21st June

Publication Date - 6th September
Print Date - 30th August
Ad Deadline - 23rd August
Editorial Deadline - 9th August

Publication Date - 4th October
Print Date - 26th September
Ad Deadline - 19th September
Editorial Deadline - 5th September


Publication Date - 1st November
Print Date - 25th October
Ad Deadline - 18th October
Editorial Deadline - 4th October

Publication Date - 6th December
Print Date - 29th November
Ad Deadline - 22nd November 
Editorial Deadline - 8th Novembe


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