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Shorten the Odds on Successful Property Investment

Don’t miss our Landlord Investment Show seminar! In property, it's easy to make big mistakes. It's also easy to avoid them. Being a landlord isn’t the easiest job, and there are plenty of pitfalls to catch out the unprepared, but get it right, and it’s a fantastic business to be in. If you’re considering taking the plunge in 2019, or if you’re planning on adding to your portfolio, our Landlords Investment Seminar is a must. We’ll be covering a range of issues and providing information and advice that’s relevant, practical and bang up to date. We’ll cover the risks, the opportunities and the way the sector is changing. We’ll talk about the steps you can take to minimise the chance of problems and maximise your income. We’ll also touch on deposit replacement, the new RentalPassport and introduce our Rental Essentials offering – specific services aimed at making the job of being a landlord simpler and more profitable. As with all our events, the structure is informal, but the content is critical to making property rental a success. Investment is a lot safer when you know what you’re doing, and you’re more than welcome to share our know-how. If you miss it, you’ll be missing out.