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Expert Panel Unanimous on Future Optimism in UK Housing Market

Property 118 - 26th March 2019


MP Iain Duncan Smith criticises George Osborne’s Housing Policies

Property 118 - 26th March 2019


'Mistakes were made': Iain Duncan Smith urges government to review tax relief incentives

This is Money - 26th March 2019


Landlords With Tenants On Universal Credit Should Get A Tax Break, Iain Duncan Smith Says

Huffington Post - 21st March 2019



Iain Duncan Smith:
“Finally, it is time to look again at the way we treat private landlords who buy houses to rent. George Osborne’s decisions to impose a stamp duty levy on the purchase of homes to rent, to restrict mortgage interest relief to the basic rate of income tax and to tax a landlord’s turnover rather than profits have led to landlords scaling back or even leaving the sector altogether. They are a significant provider of the additional housing we need. We should be encouraging them with devices such as VAT relief on conversions or even capital allowances, not punishing them. It’s no wonder buy-to-let purchases have fallen dramatically. If the purpose was to stop foreign owners buying up property and leaving it empty we would be better off levying a tax on empty homes. For example, in New York, apartments can incur a tax of up to $20,000 if they are left empty. We are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.”


Richard Bowser, Facebook:
With 2m plus private landlords out there this is a government who are now on shaky ground so lobbying now could really make a difference as the impact of these taxes starts to be realised and rental properties become scarcer with rents increasing as is now happening!".

Sunday Times, Less tax relief, more red tape: is it last orders for put-upon landlords?


Property118, Iain Duncan Smith Has Spoken Out For Landlords 21/06/17

Property Tribes Iain Duncan Smith Speaks Out For Landlords


Vanessa Warwick, Property Tribes
“It was a major coup for the Landlord and Investment Show to secure Iain Duncan Smith for their expert panel debate.  All credit to the show for creating such a great forum for landlords to interact with a key Tory influencer. It is clear that the landlord lobbying IDS received at the event made an impression on him, as a few days later, in an article for the Sunday Telegraph, he spoke out against Section 24 and made some very supportive comments with regards to private landlords and the role they play in housing the nation. He stated that landlords should be encouraged to invest rather than being disincentivized by tax attacks. This support from IDS is another significant landmark event in the Tenant Tax campaign and gives landlords a glimmer of hope that Section 24 may be diluted or reversed.  If it is, I believe the Landlord and Investment Show can take some credit for the part their panel debate played in giving landlords the chance to engage with a senior politician, and impressing their views upon him in such a way that he took them on board.  A wonderful outcome for everyone involved. The show has now set a very high benchmark in panel debates, and I hope this will become a unique feature at future event.  It now has the track record to attract some heavy hitters and create a forum for discussion and positive change in the PRS”.