Jeni Browne, CeMAP, AdvCeMAP, CertBB&C, Sales Director - Mortgages for Business

Jeni is the Sales Director at Mortgages for Business and is responsible for heading up the Sales and Marketing teams and implementing their strategies. Jeni has 21 years’ experience in Financial Services and 13 years’ experience working with MFB. During her broking career, Jeni has brokered over 7,000 mortgages for clients. Jeni is a qualified adviser and broker, her professional qualifications include basic and advanced Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP), Certificate of Business Banking Conduct (BBC) and Qualified Financial Planner. Jeni is also a buy to let landlord and has been letting property for 3 and a half years, one in a Ltd Co and one held personally.